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It has been a long journey to this day. A day where we can take a step back and look our website – a reflection of our company’s service, culture, and personality – and say wow. Take a quick look at the progression of our website over the years. Each step a bit better that the former.

Now don’t laugh at us, heh we’re not web designers. Some of these might be scary, but we’re not ashamed of where we came from. Check them out:

SeeksAdmins first website.

We do a lot of local business work, but have also been pushing more recently a lot heavier online. As such, we needed a nice clean site, that was easy to navigate and appealing to the eyes. And so began the search for a new design firm to work with.

Finding a designer is not an easy task. We have found a few in the past that were good, but overall we’ve found designers are a dime a dozen. Not proud to say, but we’ve also paid about a couple grand to a designer that never delivered and never gave us a penny back in refunds – more on that lovely story here: Jerett Patterson ( Long story short, use escrow services! )

We Found A Diamond In The Rough

Oh, it feels so amazing to be Asantefied!!!

(Or Asantified…Sam when it catches on, you know who coined the term heh.)

Sam Asante, and the rest of to Vissol Design Team (Bob Shannon & Kyle Kramer) – you guys rock! Like knights in shining armor, they came to us and have effectively changed the face of our business for the better. Not many things make me say WOW, but these guys did it.

We set a deadline for completion, and even though there was this incredibly huge anxious feeling, it was a great feeling. Remember how Christmas Eve or the night before your birthday used to feel, when you KNEW what you were getting was amazing? The best thing about the experience was every day with them provided a pleasant surprise. Each and every page of our website (including my favorite page) was given dedicated time & love it feels like.

From Chicken Scratch To WOW!

Remember I said we are not designers. We can close our eyes and see what we want, but putting it together is completely different story. So don’t laugh at my chicken scratch! :)

Now, how in the world Sam managed to go from that chicken scratch to WOW, I have no idea! But somehow he did it, and had an amazing preview of the progress within just a couple hours. Now that felt like some dedicated attention! They have other large clients that they work for, but with incredible levels of communication and their eagerness to satisfy, Sam & the Vissol team managed to make us feel like their #1 and only client.

You can check out the design work they did for us at SeeksAdmin & SeeksAffiliates. It has been a pleasure working with Vissol, we’ll definitely be doing more work with them in the not so distant future! I highly recommend them to anyone.

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