Hiding The Use Of Outsourcing

For our recent redesign, we needed to reach out to some of our clients for our testimonial section. Many were pleased to provide, but several were very hesitant. This was a reply to a request from a great client of ours:

“We’re very happy with your services, but to be honest we really do no want to provide a testimonial. We don’t want our customers to know we’re outsourcing our support.”

This was not unexpected though. We are very used to our clients not wanting to associate their business with…The Dirty Outsourcing Word. We’re perfectly fine with providing support behind the scenes. However, we wanted to take a moment to review some of the stigmas with outsourcing.

#1) Communication Is Difficult With Outsourced Support.

We do not place staff members from our offshore locations on our outsourced telephone support queues. No, not because they are not fully capable server administrators and support specialists. Simply because, yes obviously they have accents, which are easily detected once on the phone. Many people hear such accents, instantly lose all patience, and get frustrated – even with the easiest problems. To avoid all of this for our clients, we do not use offshore staff for phone support.

That being said – some of the smartest people I’ve met come from India & Pakistan. All of our new hires have English grammar and reading comprehension certifications for institutions of higher learning. Many have studied abroad here in the US, in the UK, and throughout Europe. Their written language is great, this is a huge requirement of ours.

#2) Outsourcing Support Removes US Jobs.

When people hear outsourcing, they instantly think of off-shoring. We do have offshore facilities, but we do also have our US based staff. The more US based support services we sell, the more jobs we create. We’re not moving our US slots offshore to save costs. We market our US based services to many different types of local based businesses, as well as many online businesses as well. Outsourcing can increase your sales & satisfactions, which will ultimately create the demand for more support. This means we have to hire more staff – more jobs, which stimulate the economy and do a great justice for all.

#3) I Do Not See The Benefits Of Outsourcing.

When the company you contract with does things properly, there are a multitude of benefits.

  • Save Money By Outsourcing
    Let’s assume you want to hire someone for 24 hour coverage of your customer support queues. Now, let’s assume you’re paying them $7 per hour (less than minimum wage here in the US) for 24 hours, 30 days. You’d need to spend $5040 per month for that coverage.

    This does not guarantee that these staff members have the skill set to properly support your customers. This only gives you one staff member per shift (what do you do with high support loads.) And does not take into account hassles such as payroll, taxes, vacation & sick time, and many other issues that pop up with your own internal staffing.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • 24/7 customer support is not something that is only accessible to large enterprises. Small businesses can utilize outsourcing services to provide support at any time of the day to their customers.

Outsourcing does not have to be a dirty word. We treat each and every one of your clients, as if they were one of our own. The happier your clients are the more you grow – the more you grow, the more we grow. Its a win win situation when it is done right.

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