We offer three levels of server management for Linux & Windows servers. Prospective clients ask us all the time which package is a best fit for them. Lets take a look into each to see which is a best fit for your specific needs. If you have a question about any particular feature, contact us.

Base Admin

Our Base Admin package is an entry level server management package. It provides you with 24/7 monitoring + response. If your server goes down, our monitors let us know and we automatically respond by remotely rebooting or contacting your datacenter to bring you back up. This package also provides you with 24/7 access to our team of server administrators to help resolve most server related issues.

Full Admin

Our Full Admin package provides you with a more proactive level of server management. Our admins log into your server each month to check on vital services, resources, and the overall security of your server. Dedicated consultation time with an experienced server administrator is also included, which may be used to help you properly plan IT strategies.

Critical Admin

Our Critical Admin package is recommended for mission critical servers. If your server is responsible for generating revenue or crucial for the success of your business, our Critical Admin package may be your best fit. You’re provided with our highest priority level of support & response times. We do double the amount of proactive checks as the Full Admin level. In addition to this, we do more advanced agent based server monitoring to pick up on potential issues before they arise, such as high loads, low memory, low disk space, and many other checks.

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We’ve put together a presentation that shows a bit more info on features & pricing. You may have a look here:

SeeksAdmin Server Management Packages Explained from SeeksAdmin

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