We Don’t Recommend Shared Hosting For Your Business

If your website plays a crucial part in the success of your business, then using shared web hosting can be potentially damaging to your reputation, website up time and revenue

Don’t jeopardize your business with cheap shared web hosting offers that promise Unlimited everything. Read on to see why you’ll want to be in your own hosting environment.

I don’t mean to ruin your image of your $5 a month web host. You might think your host is amazing. It’s quite possible they are. Amazing customer service, amazing unlimited features, amazing price and so on.

BUT, there are things that are not so amazing once you look a bit closer. Things that we have personally seen destroy businesses, kill reputations and slash profits. We work with hundreds of website owners and could share stories for days.

Think of your shared hosting as one big office…

Open to anyone that forks over $5 a month!

You can’t control what people do in their little corner of the office. They are limited to legal content. But think about it… Porn is legal. Hate sites are legal. And then, there are the webmasters that don’t care about the rules and do illegal things.

All that spam you get, selling those blue pills and other crap. Where do you think they host their sites? Often times… They host it on cheap shared web hosting. Or, they hack into insecure servers and become parasites on your website.

Imagine your valued customers coming to your site and finding some affiliate links to porn. Great for business, right? NO! Not at all. But wait it gets worse.

You are GUILTY for the actions of others… Until proven innocent!

When you sign up for YourDomain.com, your web host assigns an IP address to your account. There is a pretty good chance that your shared web hosting does NOT include a dedicated IP address. Now your reputation is definitely at risk. You’re sharing an identity with everyone else on the server. That’s like giving some stranger your SSN for their new credit card.

If a spammer on your IP gets blacklisted, guess what… You will get blacklisted too. So now all your important emails to your clients and prospects go straight to JUNK/SPAM box!

You can be Penalized for your Success!

You have Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Everything… You’re good to support as much growth as possible, right? WRONG! Again, often times many shared web hosts will offer you all those unlimited things because they know there is a pretty good change you won’t use much.

Read the fine print… Many shared web hosts limit you by other more important factors – like CPU and RAM usage.

Picture it being launch day for your new amazing product… You get a lot of publicity and tons of traffic to your website. And then your shared web host pulls the plug leaving you with an ugly suspended page and damaged credibility.

Take control of your space… There are better solutions!

Don’t share an open office space type shared hosting account. Get an entire floor of the building or the whole building – secured and setup JUST FOR YOU! There are VPS (Virtual Private Servers), cloud server and Dedicated Server options available that are much better solutions.

Your OWN hosting environment will get rid of all the hidden issues that can come along with shared web hosting. If your website is making you money or is vital for the success of your business or operation, there really is no reason you should be putting it at risk.

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