When was the last time your server backups ran? Have you checked the integrity of the backups? Are you sure they will work when you need them?  How about the rest of your data – your smartphone, personal computer, and all your other files… Have you backed those up too?

Don’t be an April Fool! Don’t wait until there is an emergency. Check on your server backups!

It has been a busy week here!  Going through all the servers we proactively manage to make sure their backup & disaster recovery plans are intact.  But we have many many more clients on our non-proactive Base Admin server management packages.  Tomorrow will be an even busier day, as we get in touch with all of them to make sure they have proper backup & disaster recovery plans in place!

world-backup-day-2016March 31st was #WorldBackupDay!  A day for people to learn about the increasing role of data in our lives and the importance of regular backups. (Note: We’re not affiliated with WorldBackupDay & they do not support or endorse our services.)

This WEEK alone, we have dealt with a few failed hard drives, several instances of malicious activity & many more instances of user error – all resulting in temporary data loss.  Luckily, in all cases (except one) we were able to promptly recover data from recent backups and get our clients back to business as usual.

Unfortunately, there is that one client (who did not heed our quite redundant advice) will be rebuilding from a 2 year old backup after suffering from a hard drive failure this week!  It is a heart breaking feeling seeing just how much was lost!

Don’t let this be you!  Backup everything. Be redundant – backup your backups! You should have backups offsite – not on the same server/hard drive/computer.

Your company’s data is your oftentimes your lifeline. That data represents lots of time & money, and should be protected at all costs. We have been sorting server backup & disaster recovery solutions here for over a decade! If we already manage your servers for you, open up a support ticket just to double check on your backups & recovery plan.

If you need assistance implementing a proper backup plan, drop us a line. The work is included in all of our server management packages. Contact us to learn more about enterprise level data protection, backups & disaster recovery plans.

Again… What would you do if your server & drives completely died today! Don’t be an April Fool – Backups, Backups, Backups!

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