Client Testimonials

"At the end of my optimization, they sent me a very tidy report with everything that had been done, but not only that - how it worked; what each thing does; and hot to turn it on/off if I wanted too. All I can say is that he saved my hosting business and servers. I do not know what more can be said. I ordered for my other server!"

Eoin - WHT Poster.

"They are great! I just wanted to take time to recommend SeeksAdmin. They do all of our support, live chat, and sales and do a wonderful job! They work 24/7 and have very timely responses. The staff is knowledgeable and uses great English. They are easy to get in touch with and will not quit until everything is taken care of (workaholics!). Thanks."

Jonathan - WHT Poster.

"I just hired SeeksAdmin a couple of days ago to fix my dedicated server. I have only positive things to say. I must say that I am really surprised with how friendly and helpful they are. They helped me a lot even though I did not pay a lot. They helped me with basically everything I had problems with. I can really recommend them if you need help with your server."

Emil W. - WHT Poster.

"SeeksAdmin has performed the work requested. They did a very thorough job, and made great efforts to work around my downtime schedule for this maintenance. Tris is one of the most helpful and patient people I've worked with from WHT. Kudos to you guys!"

FirestormNetworks - WHT Poster.

"My opinion of SeeksAdmin - they are absolute professionals in managing & securing your server. I recommend them to all who need a server management company. Great value for your money! Before I forget: Their support is really friendly and they always want to help you out if there is a problem. As they state on their website 'Most importantly, friendly staff!'. It's true!"

Deef - WHT Poster.

"SeeksAdmin responded swiftly and secured my server just the way I asked. Even when too much, but within no time, all wishes were met. Therefore, I would recommend them to anyone who has unmanaged server or colo and needs to secure it. They also helped me out with some basic terms and ideas how to keep my server on the safe side."

SmilieBG - WHT Poster.

"SeeksAdmin really stepped up to the plate. They worked diligently with me over a 24 hour period to get my server and clients fully functional. I am sure that I would still be struggling today without them. They are wonderful. The team never stopped as a tech was working on the issue each shift. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help managing their server."

SassyCat - WHT Poster.

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Customer Testimonials

"Talking to the guys from SeeksAdmin is basically like talking to your friends. They are very friendly, helpful, and easy to talk to."
Emil W.

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