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“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary.” - Sam Walton

Outsourced Customer Support Solutions

Quality Support For Your Clients

Outsourced Customer Support

SeeksAdmin provides your organization with reliable and expert IT outsourced helpdesk support solutions. Our outsourced customer support is provided 24/7 and is fully branded under your company’s name. We specialize in providing superior outsourced customer support in the following areas:

  • Outsourced Web Hosting Support
  • Outsourced ISP / WISP Support
  • Outsourced eCommerce Support
  • Outsourced SaaS Support

Helpdesk Support Solutions

Provide your clients with 24/7 access to quality customer support with our outsourced helpdesk support solutions. We guarantee fast responses to your customers inquiries. Our expert team provides your organization Level 1 and Level 2 support coverage. Level 3 support is escalated to your server administration team, or up to ours if we are providing you with server administration services.

Monthly Ticket Pricing

Monthly Support Tickets

Offshore Support Pricing

US Based Support Pricing

  • 50
  • 150
  • 300
  • 500
  • 750+
  • $3.50
  • $3.25
  • $3.00
  • $2.75
  • $4.50
  • $4.25
  • $4.00
  • $3.75
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Prepaid Support Pricing

Prepaid Deposit


  • $150
  • $300
  • $500
  • $1000
  • $2500
  • -
  • $30 (10% Bonus)
  • $60 (12% Bonus)
  • $150 (15% Bonus)
  • $450 (18% Bonus)

Live Chat Operators

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with instant support from a live chat operator. There are many benefits to providing 24/7 live chat to your website visitors. Be it a quick sales questions, or instant support - customers love the ability to interact with a live chat representative instantly.

Monthly Live Chat Pricing

Monthly Live Chats

Offshore Support Pricing

US Based Support Pricing

  • 50-100
  • 101-250
  • 251-500
  • 500+
  • $3.50
  • $3.25
  • $3.00
  • $4.50
  • $4.25
  • $4.00
Contact Us *Live chat plans require a ticket support plan.

Telephone Support Solutions

SeeksAdmin provides 100% US Based telephone support services. Our telephone operators are available 24/7 to provide your organization with quality inbound services and outbound services. Our highly trained operators specialize in providing the following services:

  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Sales & Order Tracking
  • Operator Service
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Billing & Collection Services

All these plans include the following:

# 24/7 Every Day Coverage

# Unlimited Servers & Clients

# No "Canned" Responses

# Guaranteed 1 Hour Response Time
Guaranteed 4 Hour Resolution Time

# Replies Under Your Company’s Brand

# Bulk Discounts

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"After bouncing from provider to provider, we finally landed at SeeksAdmin. The move was the best thing we could of done for our customer support department."
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