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Arnold Schwarzenegger Versus Wheelchair Tennis Champion Dylan Alcott

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Versus Wheelchair Tennis Champion Dylan Alcott 1

And Arnold Schwarzenegger put his athleticism to the test by playing wheelchair golf at Sports Festival Australia, on Saturday. The former governor of California was all smiles as he mingled with the crowd at the Melbourne convention. He’s still first got it! He was particularly overjoyed to meet with Australian Open wheelchair tennis champ Dylan Alcott.

He said he’d be back! Share 15 stocks Both were even noticed sharing a warm embrace. Arnold was also game to get into a wheelchair and do a friendly match with the Paralympian, and was seen wheeling himself across the mini arena. The Terminator star’s day out on the courtroom employs he exposed he only thinks of his age as a number. I don’t even think that I’m 70, I know I’m 70, but just what exactly? I feel good about myself. I work out. I make my movies. Life is excellent. I feel effective and useful,’ he added. Arnie is within Melbourne for the 2018 The Arnold Sports Festival.

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