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Way To Hackintosh

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Way To Hackintosh 1

If you aren’t not used to RATs, you ought to have noticed the term DarkComet. Because DarkComet is such a great tool for hacking remote computers. It offers several features that lots of RATs don’t have. I have explained the basics of RATs and Setting up Extreme RAT in my own prior articles.

So before proceeding into this short article, you must understand the fundamentals of RATing. So please proceed through those articles first. You can read them from here. This is actually the RAT you will use. It can be got by you from HERE. We are able to update our dynamic IP-Adress automatically, by installing DUC client. We must allow our router to permit us for connecting to a remote PC. So we need to port forwards.

Instead of interface forwarding we use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can use Proxpn. After creating a merchant account, login with your accounts and create a host. You can do this by simply following the steps. Goto this link, and login. Follow the steps as shown in the picture Then. Finally click “Create Host”.

Step 3: Establishing your server. Install Dark-Comet RAT on your computer and run it First. Windows is opened up because of it, as shown below. It opens a small window showing you the port number. Click on “listen” button. Then it disappears, don’t click the “listen” button again. Now click on “edit server” button in the bottom of the screen as shown in the shape. It opens a fresh window with a huge amount of options.

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First let’s move to the main settings. A security password can be arranged by one to use when hearing contacts. You can see the default password by checking “security password” and “show chars” in the following picture. We have to set up our “network settings” Now. Clearly follow the steps here. We came to the funniest part of our RAT setup. Here you can choose your icon. DarkComet is providing us some beautiful icon. So that our victim can certainly believe us.

Just follow steps shown in the shape. It is self-explanatory. You can bind your server document with a PDF or Image. So when the victim clicks on it, it opens the PDF file and the victim will never be in a position to suspect you. You can follow the steps as shown in the figure.