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PHP Developer At Wren Kitchens

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PHP Developer At Wren Kitchens 1

Salary to £45K with an excellent benefits package discussed below. So you think you understand Wren Kitchens? Did you know the scale of Wren Kitchens’ family owned operation? A dedication to 1200 new careers as part of a £120million investment! Did you know that Wren talk about their commercial success with their staff? Now you understand about the wider business, it’s time to concentrate on technology!

It will go without saying that, as with modern companies, It’s the enabler of everything that Wren Kitchens does, but did you know that many of these IT systems are built in-house by the 70 strong development team? This technology team is led by technology people; Developers who have been there and done it signifying they know very well what is possible and understand reasonable timescales for bits of work. They work to agile methodologies and the days get solid documents, taken jointly by dedicated BAs, and prioritized by specialized PMs.

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They need Developers who are able to solve complicated business problems, building enterprise level software systems to support the wider business in all types of areas covering Customer Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, and the public-facing websites. These Developers will sign up for either the Customer Services or Manufacturing teams and can involve a mixture of Senior Developers and Mid-level Developers. Building systems to control the purchasing and after care of installed kitchens.

The successful PHP Developers will join at an exciting time for Wren Kitchens and you will be pivotal in the success of Wren in the coming years. The development team is open up, collaborative, and genuinely forward considering, encouraging ideas and insight from the most junior of developers and expecting input on architectural decisions from those with more experience.

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