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…Case Study: Mr B is a 49 year old morbidly obese man with unpredictable insulin managed diabetes. The ball of his right unpredictable Charcot feet developed a neuropathic ulcer following a software of a plaster of Paris for stabilisation. Healing was not occurring and his blood sugar were uncontrolled. The diabetic advisor and vascular surgeons were suggesting amputation as the patient was fighting repeated attacks and cellulitis. Wearing compression stockings meant daily quick access to the neuropathic ulcer, and it was at this time that the nurse decided to begin using a honey based antibacterial gel. Mr B was observed in the diabetic feet clinic in the early phases of the honey treatment.

The podiatrist and diabetic consultant both suggested the nurses to discontinue the use of the honey centered treatment as it might lead to hyperglycaemia and abscesses. Within three months of using honey on the wound, its depth was reduced to 1cm (Figure 3). Doppler assessments were performed half a year after original entrance to caseload and were again healthy.

Mr B needed to be re-measured again for smaller designed to measure stockings, as the first pairs were too loose due to weight loss and reduction of oedema. His weight is continuous at 135kg and his HBA1C is 7 currently.1 per cent. Conclusion: Because of the increasing prevalence of drug resistant bacteria, medical researchers now need to look further afield for help in wound care.

We know very well what appears off and what doesn’t look off. I would notice real items and make an effort to improve that one area each and every time. The first couple of years really was a lot of practice and trying different shading and highlighting to comprehend it. Being so passionate and it being truly a hobby really helps because I love to paint and it creates me pleased to paint. It doesn’t happen overnight. A lot of people think you’re born with a gift. I think all of us has a gift but it’s whether you feed into that gift and continue steadily to push to boost on it. My skills didn’t come right away. It’s through every day working hard.

  • What is the best color of blouse to wear on a cream color moving skirt
  • 1 Tablespoon Carrot Root Powder or 3 drops carrot seed essential oil
  • Take 2 tsps of besan in a dish
  • Firstly peel off the banana and use just the half banana from it
  • 2 Katie Holmes – Alterna Hair Care
  • Aloe Vera Remedy to eliminate Facial Dark Spots

Where do you find motivation for your ideas? From my feelings, from paintings, from photography, from music, from Photoshop art… Sometimes I look at really cool Photoshopped artwork and think, “may i do that with makeup? I have a very severe case of it where I’m not only trapped in my body but I hallucinate.

I see a lot of very scary visions, like people with no faces, people cut up, people with a hundred fingers trying to grab me, a tall dark shadow…. It happens almost every week and it was not until I began to paint the items I see which i realized while i color them, I don’t desire that specific eyesight anymore.

I dream another thing, but that eyesight is gone. A couple of years ago, I started sketching spiders because I noticed a lot of spiders in my sleep crawling all around the walls once i was going right through sleep paralysis. A spider was drawn by me from my lip, trying to keep in mind the facts of the spiders I had fashioned seen, and after that, I did so not dream of spiders.