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The Rise Of Private Equity Investment In Mining & Resources

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The Rise Of Private Equity Investment In Mining & Resources 1

One development that sets 2013 apart in mine fund circles is the rise of private equity. While private traders have traditionally shied away from the sector for their insufficient mining knowledge and aversion to volatility, recent good buys have proven too appealing to withstand. 10-15 billion to obtain mining assets in 2013, said Howard Burshtein, somebody at Baker & McKenzie, at a presentation in Toronto in October.

10.3 billion this past year) miners are expected to raise on the Toronto STOCK MARKET and TSX Venture Exchange, the original source of mine financing for junior and mid-tier companies. In keeping with their conservative investment style, private equity firms are mostly angling for projects that are in production or have the potential to produce cash flow within a year or so, not exploration projects.

The exemption is a Toronto-based vendor bank or investment company Miners Group, which last year launched an exclusive collateral arm – Invest Partners – to take advantage of previous stage opportunities the bigger firms are likely to dismiss. Are a few of the players to watch for in 2014 Here, though due to the “private” nature of the carrying on business, the deals may be difficult to monitor unless they involve publicly-traded companies with a duty to disclose. 1.3 billion for investments in natural resources earlier this yr. 300 million to help Virginia-based miner NRI Management buy assets with a focus on coal.

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