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Essay On The Forest Of Nepal

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Essay On The Forest Of Nepal 1

Nepal is abundant with natural beauties, presents, wonders, and resources. The forest is one of these resources. Nepal is a mountainous country also. A lot of the mountains are covered with green forests. It is the living host to birds and pets. Nowadays, it has been destroyed but it was completely safe before fast. People clear the forest for various purposes. Among the most crucial factors behind its destruction is rapid population growth.

The growing populace is compelled to clear the jungle for agriculture and settlement. People decrease the trees and shrubs for firewood, building materials and furniture. The cattle glaziers take their domestic animals to the jungle to graze. These domestic pets eat up the newly growing plant life. By the total result, the new plants cannot easily grow up.

The foolish people established an open fire in the jungle. By the result, the outrageous fireplace destroys the whole jungle very badly. The root cause of its destruction is poor public awareness. The individuals who are not aptly mindful and responsible cannot understand the importance and necessity of the forests. Forest destruction invites many disasters. Some to them are drought, landslides, soil erosion, over floods, salutation of waterways, weather extremes, pollution, green-house effect, ozone level depletion, and desertification.

The natural disasters therefore are extremely destructive for all the living animals. If the procedure of damage of the forest is not managed, the near future will be extremely risky. We are able to get many advantages from the jungle. We can preserve wildlife in the jungle. We can get firewood, timber, herbal remedies, grass, etc, from the jungle. It can help us to purify the atmosphere and to decrease the gravity of air pollution. Underground drinking water resources can be kept in the forest. It can help us to balance eco-system as well.

= $ =p>The nagging problems, weather extremes, landslides, etc. can be stopped or alleviated by the help of the forest. Similarly, the forest of our country attracts many tourists. We are able to earn foreign currency from them. The natural splendor cannot be maintained with no preservation of the forest. Preservation of the forest proves to be important.

In order to regulate the natural disasters, we must protect the jungle. We are able to protect the forest in many ways. Firstly, we must teach the interpersonal people about the importance of the forest. By means of a forestation and reforestation, we can preserve it. People who clear the jungle for negotiation and agriculture should be discouraged to go to the jungle. By establishing many wildlife reserves and national parks, we can preserve our forest.

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Selling of firewood and timber must be banned to preserve it. Our forest should be conserved at any cost. The Federal government as well as private areas are expecting to make and apply concrete programs to protect it. It is said that preservation of the forests is our very own preservation.

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