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Arizona Department Of Real Estate

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Welcome to the Licensing Division’s “FAQS” webpage. They are the most asked questions regarding licensing commonly, and it is our hope that we thoroughly have responded to them. How to request an avowed License History for an Arizona Salesperson/Broker license. How soon after a change in my own personal information must I survey it to ADRE? How exactly to change information / notify the ADRE. Who has the capacity to perform online or scanned transactions with ADRE? EASILY requested to be hired using the Online System, how come my license position show inactive?

How do I know when my permit expires? Can a DBA is had by me or other name for my Professional Company? How do you demand or enroll a true name for my Team? I mailed in my application to the Department a few weeks ago and I’ve not heard anything back.

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  • November 12, 2019
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  • Healthcare budgeting
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Can I start work? If I am making a change to my license, how long would it take for acceptance? Who can i contact at the Department? I call and cannot reach anyone. Why am I necessary to post the Fingerprint Clearance Card to the Department? Is the License Certificate that is imprinted from the ADRE Online Services website legitimately acceptable? Quite simply, we don’t need the official permit?

What is the difference between an LLC and a PLLC? How do I form a PC/PLLC? What if I’ve produced an LLC but need to change to PLLC already? How do you inactivate my license? What do I really do if I have been convicted of a felony, or misdemeanor or have an adverse judgement or disciplinary action? Week for DUI I used to be cited last; do I have to disclose this incident?

When should i make my disclosure? How do I make the original disclosure? After making my initial written disclosure to ADRE, what’s the next phase? If I have documents from the court which were directed at me at the time of conviction, can I post them? I’ve a few of the documents in order for the LI-400; may i post them now and the others at another time?

What if I need more time to complete the disclosure requirements? What is a certified court document? What document will i ask for when contacting the court? I used to be convicted eight a few months and did not know I needed to disclose ago, how can I have my case expedited now? Qualify and Obtain a Broker’s License. How to obtain a Broker’s license for a Corporation (CO), Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or Partnership (PA).