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RFP For Investment Management Advisory Services

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RFP For Investment Management Advisory Services 1

Click here to go right to questions and answers (below the notice). ISSUANCE: The Request for Proposals will be issued on April 27, 2018. Those thinking about obtaining a duplicate may access and download the document from the State Treasurer’s website starting April 27, 2018 by clicking here. PROPOSAL DUE DATE AND TIME: Proposals must be received no later than 3:00 PM MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME on May 18, 2018. Proposals following this date will not be accepted. Q: How many copies of the proposal are required for submission?

A: Five copies of the proposal will be needed. Note that your firm’s proposal must be sealed and labeled on the outside of the deal to point it is a response to the Investment Management Advisory Services RFP. Q: Can the brand new Mexico STO pleases confirm the fees being billed by the incumbent advisor?

Q: May we request a copy of the portfolios, including cost basis in EXCEL format? A: Preference is to employ an advisor that has experience controlling similar types of property as those managed by the State Treasurer’s Office. As cash flows are an important account, a liquidity element is an essential bit of the entire management strategy.

The consultant must have the ability to provide suggestions, observations, and general oversight regarding the holdings in the portfolios, taking into consideration the NM state statutes, the STO Investment Policy, liquidity needs, and overall degrees of risk inherent in the investments. Q: Would you provide a test of your quarterly report from your existing advisor? Section 8, Page 35 is the existing adviser’s quarterly report.

3 in section B. Investment Consulting) “Special Projects as needed”, would you provide examples of such tasks? An informational memorandum on the specific subject would be provided to STO, advising as to the suitability and feasibility of execution, within the priorities of protection, liquidity, and yield. Q: What is your expectation on the frequency of consultant attendance at your Board of Finance meetings? A: Generally, the adviser is not required to wait the Board of Finance conferences.

It may have happened once within the last five or six years. Q: In the cost proposal, would you prefer traveling expenses to be charged or included in a bundled fee separately? A: Travel expenses would have to be bundled into the fee. Q: Does the range of the RFP include monitoring the security pledged against public fund deposits more than FDIC insurance?

  • The reporting entity decides its functional currency
  • Will the marketplace shrug from the Monti resignation or will it panic
  • You robbed a bank or investment company
  • Don’t spend money on uncharted place
  • Expenses were moderate
  • After maturity, incomplete withdrawal is permitted from PPF account

Q: For investment reporting purposes, is the investment consultant allowed to establish a primary give food to the State Treasurer’s Custodial accounts? If a fee is charged by the Custody Bank for access to data feed, is the fee the duty of the IA? If so, please disclose the fee basis. Q: Is security prices provided by the custodian? If not, does the continuing state agreement with a price’s agent or is pricing part of the Scope of Work? A: STO utilizes IDC pricing. Q: How happens to be the Interest Rate Shock, LGIP sensitivity evaluation to be performed?

A: Once per quarter. Q: Does “Summary of observations and suggestions” include conformity oversight; pre/post trade compliance? A: General oversight regarding to NM statutes and STO investment policy. No pre/post trade compliance. Q: Does “trading commentary” relate specifically to the stock portfolio or even more generally to advertise observation? A: General trading and market commentary from the perspective of the advisor and their company.

Q: Is the scope of services STO is requesting in the RFP similar to the range of services being provided by your current consultant? Q: May we request a duplicate of the portfolios, including cost basis in EXCEL format? A: Yes, there are attached. Q: Does the current consultant provide risk confirming services? If so, what is the range of those ongoing services being provided?

6: INTEREST Shock Analysis for each portfolio? A: Yes, the existing advisor offers a quarterly report, with a general evaluation of the overall interest and credit rate risk, a shock evaluation for each profile, excluding the LGIP, and a world wide web asset value awareness analysis for the LGIP. 8 “summary of observations and recommendations pertaining to…” accounting? What “accounting” will this refer to? Please, clarify what is intended by “accounting” here.