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What’s THAT PERSON Shape?

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What's THAT PERSON Shape? 1

What’s your face shape? Oval Faces are recognized for their symmetrical balanced features because of this oval (or egg form) has became the most sort after shape. Anything goes when you have an oval face, any hair style, and makeup pattern. As the form is so close to “perfect” you can then focus on every other feature you do not like such as a large nose, high foreheads whatever it might be and concentrate on hiding it if you wish. From a makeup artist viewpoint oval faces can be a little “boring” only because there isn’t much you need to change its already pretty much done! Other good examples Emma Watson, Jessica Alba.

The simplest way to spell it out a circular face is take a oval and pull it outwards. The real face is the same full across as its duration is down. People mistake round face shape as fat but that’s not true, even thin people can have round faces. In fact round is one of the best to have as you age because you will usually look young and youthful.

As you can see here on Kirsten Dunst – her cheeks will be the same fullness from her circular forehead to her jawline creating an almost prefect group. Other rounds: Cameron Diaz, Kelly Clarkson, Renee Zellweger. Most children and teenagers will have or oval encounters as their features have not developed yet around. Doesn’t mean you will will have it.

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Oblong/Long face form is so similar that I just added them in the same categories. The primary difference between Oblong and Long is the curved at the forehead and jawline, long has a rounder shape while oblong is slightly square. Both shapes are elongated ovals, simply take an oval and make it longer then it is wide.

Similar to the mistake of “round encounters being fat” you don’t have to be tall to truly have a long face. Others long/oblong: Sarah Jessica Parker, Celine Dion and Jennifer Aniston. The easiest way to tell if someone has a square form is look at their forehead and jawline. The forehead is flat on top and squares off, the chin is rectangular and toned upwards at the jaw.

Jessica’s closest friend is a hairdresser, so it is difficult to find an image where her rectangular shape is notable, it was included in him for her peaceful well, She’s the prefect person to at for locks inspiration on square faces. Others: Sandra Bullock, Holly Marie Combs, Kate Holmes. Remember how I described that a long face can be an oval elongated, well a rectangle is rectangular elongated.

Rectangle and square is kind of the new oval, with make-up and developer designer looking the looks that squarer designs can carry. Heart Shaped face and inverted triangles are also very similar (As is long and oblong) plus they get confusing a lot. The main characteristics of the heart designed face is a pixie like tapered jaw and a rounded forehead creating a heart shape. They can likewise have a widows peek but most a curved forehead is exactly what sets is apart from an inverted triangle.

Miss Jennifer is a prefect exemplory case of a heart with her round forehead, tapered jaw and long chin create a cute heart form. Inverted triangle is a shape that was just added in for the fun of it, to be honest anyone with an inverted triangle would match a heart formed category however the one main distinction is the forehead. Its flat and square. Both Reese (side) and Jennifer (above) have the same jaw and chin shape however the forehead differs.