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What the NYT actually quoted was a collection from one of three letters I’d written to the board and the house newspaper. The characters were about the poor returns in the pension account, and the need for the finance to articulate and disclose its investment process and strategy, as well as concerns over the management, governance, and transparency.

The quote in the NYT was specifically about one of both trustees of the pension, George Haywood, a previous Lehman partner who’d started his own investment mgmt company many years ago. He was also a house member who because the 1990’s managed the pension within his worksheet (all associates of the coop have to work 2 hours, 45 minutes / month). Under his mom, results were underwhelming. I thought it might be fun to include links to the full words and where suitable call out portions that are relevant and important to investors generally.

I conclude as well with a personal letter I had written to George Haywood’s lawyer, Gary M., with the expectation that he would it along forwards. LETTER 2, September 29, 2016. At this point, a small but loud faction is pushing the pension to look all passive. Obviously, that’s seen as “wiser” these days.

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I was just requesting you definitely please articulate investment strategy. This is actually the full letter. Then I gave up writing letters to the plank. But I wrote one last letter to George Haywood via his lawyer Gary M. whose name & address I came across on his SEC filings. I had been told it was forwarded along.

I wished to meet him. He’s not the normal coop member. I acquired a feeling that George didn’t really know very well what was happening, which the other trustee stubbornly wasn’t requesting his help. The genesis of the letter is that people are both users of the Park Slope Food Coop. I realize this is a tenuous – perhaps absurd – connection for an introduction but it additionally the foundation for the greater critical information described below. Last November I started my very own investment management firm, Long Cast Advisers, which makes concentrated investments in well-investigated small / micro-cap securities.

We apply the same fundamental analysis I used while working for 15 years as a sell-side analyst. 25%. We are off to a good start. I’d like an introduction to ask for his advice and counsel on building an investment management firm. I have always found it helpful – and a massive privilege – talking with experts like him who’ve experience and success in areas that interest and engage me.