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Saints’ Taysom Hill: ‘I Like Creating Other Opportunities For Guys Like Myself In The NFL’

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Saints' Taysom Hill: 'I Like Creating Other Opportunities For Guys Like Myself In The NFL' 1

Make no mistake about any of it: Teams around the league are seeking their own version of Saints quarterback Taysom Hill. Now, the New England Patriots is trying out previous LSU quarterback Danny Etling at wide receiver. And Nick Underhill, former Saints beat reporter for The Advocate now within the Patriots for The Athletic, recently remarked that Etling has used snaps as personal protector with the punt unit during June’s arranged team activities. For his part, Hill is aware of what’s happening across the league.

But he doesn’t have a sense of personal satisfaction in knowing other teams are trying to find their own version of him. Instead, the flexible signal-caller is happy to help open the door for other players having the same expertise to compete for a roster I’m all over this a team.

“I like creating other opportunities for men like myself in the NFL,” Hill said after Sunday’s practice. “It’s not a simple step to make it in, and if you can create opportunities for men that can do various things, like, that’s been a really cool thing. “I know I’ve had lots of fun with it. If other quarterbacks are finding themselves in Hill’s shoes, they could have a good-sounding panel if they wanted to use it.

Hill, though, said he hasn’t noticed from others around the league seeking his advice on how to prepare for roles beyond being under middle. When they do come knocking on his door eventually, Hill appeared open to sharing tips. “Our pathways haven’t crossed, but maybe in the future we’ll have opportunities to sit down and compare notes on things that they’ve been asked to do versus the things that I am asked to do,” he said.

“It’s been lots of fun. Who’s making a splash at Saints camp? The Northern Arizona product has been difficult to miss, earning praise from both Sean Drew and Payton Brees. Still, not all players can make the transition as Hill did seamlessly, of course. And Saints coach Sean Payton recently said the decision in determining different tasks is “player-related” to skill models.

Payton said how Patriots coach Bill Belichick is currently utilizing Etling doesn’t come as a surprise because Belichick successfully turned former college quarterback Julian Edelman into one of the league’s most dangerous slot machine wide receivers. “The lesson is always there’s good football players and it’s creating the right eyesight for them,” Payton said. Linebacker Craig Robertson decided. “It’s a credit to him,” Robertson said of Hill.

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Hill is definitely unique and his capability to shine on offense and special groups when called to tell the story. During the 2018 season, the 6-feet-2, 221-pound signal-caller totaled 196 back yards hurrying and two touchdowns on 37 holds, averaging 5.3 yards per attempt, while moving for 64 back yards and hauling in three catches for 7 back yards. On special groups, he returned 14 kickoffs for 348 back yards, fielded a punt, totaled six tackled, and obstructed a punt. And it’s no question his teammates continue to be astonished at how Hill is used as a do-it-all tool. Before season viewing how these were using him “Really, it’s crazy how they’re using him,” cornerback P.J. Coaches Payton and the other men on the staff have managed to get clear that they care a great deal about my progression at the quarterback position, gives me a lot of satisfaction.

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