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Inventories, Rational Expectations, And The Business Cycle

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Inventories, Rational Expectations, And The Business Cycle 1

The simplest macroeconomic models in which markets clear instantaneously, and targets are logical preclude the life of ‘business cycles’, that is, of correlated deviations of result from development serially. This paper studies one of several mechanisms you can use to make these so-called ‘new-classical’ models produce business cycles; the system is the progressive adjustment of inventory shares.

Two macroeconomic models of inventory holdings are formulated. Both imply, first, that the current output should be a decreasing function of the stock of inventories and, second, that inventories, once perturbed from equilibrium levels, should adapt only gradually. Both of these features are then inserted into an otherwise standard macroeconomic model in which marketplaces clear instantaneously and goals are logical. Two primary conclusions are reached. First, disturbances such as unanticipated changes in the money will set in place serially correlated deviations of result from craze. Second, if desired inventories are sensitive to the true interest rate, then even fully anticipated changes in money can affect real variables.

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