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A Stock To Watch?

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After a tumultouous 10 years of mergers and development in the 1980’s that made USAir into a big rival on the East Coast (especially after they obtained the Trump Shuttle), the 1990’s finished up being the airline’s decade of hell. Now it’s 2013, and American Airlines is in personal bankruptcy, and US Airways is looking to merge with you to definitely gain size to be able to contend better with the newly mixed United Continental Holdings Corp. Delta Air Lines (by way of their merger with Northwest Airlines). Doug Parker struck a deal with the American unions first, then your Board of Directors of both providers, solidifying the chances of the merger going right through.

I’ve recieved a LOT of questions and concerns with the new merger and here’s the timeline of occasions on exactly what will happen through the merger process and what it all means. A Gradual Transition: For the foreseeable future, with the upcoming holiday season especially, the airlines will operate and system-wide changes will roll out gradually separately. It’s likely to take 18-24 months for the merger to be completed. Expanded Service: The airline will offer 6,700 daily flights that cover more than 330 destinations in more than 50 countries, at least for the first 3 years.

Limited Selections for U.S. Travelers: Following a American Airlines merger, four airlines will now control more than 80 percent of U.S. But that isn’t necessarily a negative thing as most people think. The New American Hubs: Although airline had to give up high-competition slot machine games in New York LaGuardia and Washington Reagan, it will still have a substantial footprint. The airline will have hubs in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago’s O’Hare, Philadelphia, Phoenix, New and Charlotte York’s Kennedy International for the next 3 years at current service levels. How Mileage & Loyalty Programs CHANGES: The airline has yet to announce its complete plans for frequent flyer programs. Combination efforts are underway.

By January 7, travelers can earn/redeem kilometers for with American Airlines or US Airways program reciprocally. Flyers could keep their existing miles in their respective accounts, and full integration in to the AAdvantage brand is not set yet. The inclusion in oneworld is a godsend, as it allows US Airways (while it is still a seperate operating entity) usage of the lucrative American-British Airways-Iberia trans-Atlantic joint venture. Unions Support Merger: The merged flight currently utilizes more than 100,000 employees and that’s expected to change. Currently, the merged air travel gets the support of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants for American Airlines.

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It doesn’t not need the support of technicians and machinists for all of us Airways, symbolized by the International Association of Aerospace and Machinists Employees, who have kept out support until its agreement is finalized, even though originally these were on plank. But again then, the IAM hasn’t been someone to go along with management for just about any airline during a merger process. Technological Foresight: Following the still ongoing technology, service, and dependability bumps that preceded the United/Continental merger, CEO Doug Parker has expectations of the smoother transition. Initially, the airlines will operate with split websites and different reservations systems.

Eventually, the merged air travel will be using the Sabre reservation system, which American invented back in the late 1960’s and has turned it into a powereful weapon against rivals throughout the years. 1 billion in new savings and revenue. Business travelers are a large part of this new plan. With the merged airline, the airline will reach more destinations and will have, “more capability to contend for corporate and business customers” according to new American President Scott Kirby.

This is not an unatainable goal, considering the massive amounts of corporate travel agreements American has out of its cornerstones of NEW YORK, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston. A Stock to Watch? 25.18 a share as of 3:30 pm. My Travel Investment Firm is a solid proponent of the new company’s future and spent seriously in both companies, and can continue to invest in the new company. As the common guideline of mergers is diminished capacity, CEO Parker swears that is not his purpose.