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Confidentiality – Should business-critical information be positioned online? Acceptability – May be the use of these tools appropriate to your customer(s)? Availability & recoverability – Can you reach your valued work products? Gliffy – A diagramming tool that supports online collaboration. Simple to make simple process stream diagrams. Google Notebook – An instrument that allows one to make collections of information that you can arrange by subject. Google Spreadsheets – Online spreadsheets! Not as powerful as Microsoft Excel but still useful. Creativity Cubed – An online whiteboard where multiple people can diagram and brainstorm ideas collaboratively.

Drawings can be saved and emailed. Remember the dairy – A to-do list software. You can email tasks to increase your list. A web-based demonstration software. Voo2do – A to-do list application that is ideal for project job lists. Zohowriter – A term processing application. Unfortunately, I’ve not found any free online tools that support things central to business requirements such as traceability and change demand management. Perhaps that’s an idea for a Web 2 2.0 start-up.

Punaluu Hawaii the home of Coco Joe’s. Each piece was specifically designed and made in Hawaii. Coco Joe would Capture the Past of the Hawaiian People. Carving is one of Man Earliest recognized Forms of Expression. Carving is one of man earliest known forms of artistic manifestation; a 25,000 yr old stone statue has been found the Polynesian like “Venus of Willendorf” of Lower Austria. Across the historic world carved idols blossomed in the early times of man’s civilizations. From the pagans of Northern Europe to the totems of the American Indians in the Pacific Northwest, the Tiki’s styles flourished, grew, and even could be found in the South Pacific among ancient Polynesians folks of Hawaii.

Thinks to the workmanship of Coco Joe and other Hawaiian artist, this legacy can be distributed to folks of our generation. Coco Joe’s Island Maiden Pele the Goddess of Fire was the Volcano Goddess. She increased from the ocean depths in a wreath of fireplace and lava to create her own domain which is now the fair islands of heaven know as the Hawaiian Islands.

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In the now too faraway past, only the fairest of maidens would be sacrificed to her molten pyre to appease her displeasure. Today she remains an awesome figure whose display brings both tragedy and wondrous beauty to Hawaii. The volcanoes of Pele have created Hawaii which is the biggest mountain on Earth, rising six is from the ocean floor.

Coco Joe’s lava creations of Pele through close research revels two facets of Pele’s personality; one the bad, wicked hag, and the other the lovely native innocent maiden gal. Many claim sightings of her in one of her forms usually mingling in crowds only to suddenly vanish. The sighting always process an eruption.

A major credit card must send applications online. Convenience fees apply. After critiquing application requirements, please click the Apply Online link at the bottom of this Website to submit the application online. For in-person software submission, applicants can download and complete the Basic License FORM (in PDF). The Sales Tax Identification Number is the 9, 10, or 11-digit quantity on your New York State Department of Finance and Taxation Certificate of Authority.