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It Is Your Dog’s Health!

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After my first Pyr girl, Mariah crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June 2012, I used to be devastated. We had her for 11 1/2 years and she was diagnosed with bone most cancers. I was misplaced without Mariah and my other two Pyrs were additionally grieving her loss. When Hannah reached the age of six months she grew to become very ill.

She had developed a twitch above her proper eye. She would cease in the course of her walk and simply stare. I took her to our vet they usually examined her and threw a few guesses of what it could also be. Two weeks later it was extra consistent, extra twitches and lasting 30-ninety seconds. We took Hannah back in. A distinct vet saw her that day and said she was having focal seizures. Hannah was referred to a neurologist.

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After a radical examination they guessed at epilepsy. During the first three months Hannah had developed quite a few UTIs, not responding to antibiotics. Her creatinine turned elevated and her electrolytes had been running crazy. Hannah started vomiting, shedding her appetite, lost weight and grew to become very lethargic. Six totally different vets had seen her by this time but none may give a conclusive diagnosis!

I took over and researched Hannah’s every symptom. I appeared on PetMD. I typed in twitching and elevated creatinine and BAM, there it was in black and white – Addison’s illness. The nice Pretender that mimics so many different situations and could only be diagnosed by testing for it specifically.

We went the following week to a observe up appointment with the neurologist and that i had to hold Hannah inside, she was so weak. While we have been ready to be seen, Hannah collapsed. I shouted for somebody to come take her and get her some help! The ER vet and neurologist got here out and took Hannah’s blood stress.

It was at forty and plunging, and she was getting chilly. I lost it and demanded that she was examined for Addison’s illness. They rushed Hannah back into CCU, while I waited for 4 lengthy hours and heard nothing. Finally the CCU vet and the neurologist got here out and informed me that Hannah was in essential situation. Her kidneys have been failing and she did check optimistic for Addison’s disease! They had been giving her IV fluids, prednisone and Percorten.

Hannah remained in CCU for five days. After i went to bring her residence she literally ran into my arms! I had my child girl back and she was going home! Today, Hannah is a healthy, very happy 2 1/2 year outdated Great Pyrenees who lives her life to its fullest! She is on 5 mg of prednisone on daily basis for the rest of her life, DOCP injections every 25 days and blood work each three months to verify her electrolytes and kidney and liver features. If she is underneath stress akin to going to the groomer or another vet appointment, I up her dose of prednisone for a day or so till she is common .

If you love your pup as a lot as I like this woman, and see something that simply is not right, do not settle for diagnoses that do not convey a solution or at the least a conclusive clarification. Do your homework, stand your ground! Moms know their Pyrs and pups higher than anyone and if I hadn’t researched Hannah’s symptoms and monitored them daily for 3 months, she would not have survived and I’d have by no means recognized why. Addisonian canines can dwell a happy life if diagnosed and handled.

They will be on remedy on a regular basis for the rest of their life however they will be dwelling! Addison’s is a tough illness to diagnose because it mimics so many other conditions—kidney failure, epilepsy, focal seizures, extreme UTIs , weight loss, dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy. But as soon as it’s addressed, they are often normal, comfortable dogs dwelling an extended life! I hope Hannah’s story helps pet homeowners to grasp this illness better, it is more frequent in females than males and it is genetic. I by no means knew Hannah parents or her brother because she was a rescue.