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B-Bella By Camie

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B-Bella By Camie 1

YES probably anyone’s favorite makeup item ever! If anyone ever asked me which makeup item I would never be able to live without; hands down it’s concealer. With concealer you can hide so many things: From dark circles, dark areas, redness, pimples to blemishes around the body or face. This is the best creation ever and I totally own a lot of concealers because I have tired so many to finally find which ones didn’t crease on my fine lines. Here I will show you men my top 5 favorite concealers that works best for me as well as for my clients from low end to the top quality of course. Love love love that one!

It does not have any oil’s no waxes. Includes natural coverage that makes your skin appears flawless and fresh. Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow the skin to breath. Best of all fragrance-free with medium coverage. I use this one constantly to go to work or go shopping. It’s easy on the run and I take it everywhere.

It is super easy to use and works magic. 7.00. The Maybelline can be found by you Fit Me Concealer at your local medication stores. This one was even awarded the 2012 Gold Good Housekeeping seal in beauty & anti-aging! This method has a micro-corrector applicator which makes formula shows up soft. Has haloxyl which reduces the look of puffiness, fades, and shadows appearance of dark circles.

Super easy to use and lasts quite a while. That is my ultimate goal concealer. This is the one I take advantage of when I want a more full dental coverage plans. It’s super-lightweight formula makes skin look natural matte and stays put for 15 hours. The only down side concerning this is the pump.

It pumps up too much product, which makes me just a little upset! But I fix that problem by using it under my eyes and use the others of it to protect all my blemishes therefore I don’t waste it what-so-ever! 19.00 and will last you quite a while. It can be found by you at your local Mac PC Makeup products store.

This is the super-durable, highly pigmented, water-resistant concealer. This is best for individuals that have a complete lot of blemishes. It is utilized by me on my acne clients. That is a such a powerful concealer it covers tattoo like it’s name. This formulation is creamy and oil-free. 25.00. Remember, with this a should come quite a distance little!

  • Enoc October 29, 2018
  • Leave it for an hour
  • Not applicable for individuals who are allergic to peppermint essential oil, chamomile, or tangerine essential oil
  • Repeat three times a week
  • 4 How to prevent Fragrance
  • Great tone range
  • Mustard and citrus yellows

Two shades for perfection. You can color-customize the tones to address the skin tone you need. This is the favorite for any makeup designer to use on their clients. This formulation addresses dark circles, blemishes, scars, minor discolorations, and imperfections. This is a complete-coverage formula that can last you up to 8 hours.

Also, oil-free, containing aloe with chamomile extracts and skin-conditioning vitamin supplements A, C, and E. For those epidermis types delicate ones even. That is why this is actually the true number one! 32.00. Pricey but worth it! That’s about my top 5 concealers. I hope you men loved your Halloween yesterday October 31st! Did you do a cool makeup look? I’d love for you to share it with me if so. This is what I did so for fun for my Halloween costume: (Full-face lift surgery) LOL! There you own it Bellas concealers are highly important in my own life how about yours? My loves please if you do try these or have tried any please leave me a comment below to I want to understand how you felt or feel about it! Remember every Bella needs BEAUTY, Stay Beautiful!

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