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I’ve Lost 50lbs And I’m Not Finished Yet

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I've Lost 50lbs And I'm Not Finished Yet 1

Losing weight wasnt at the forefront of Shauntia Simmonss mind, but her manager agreed upon her up for MarketPlaces Biggest Loser Problem then. Four months later, the warehouse employee at Somerset Market place is 50lbs determined and lighter to keep the pounds off. Q: Why did you sign up for your competition?

Did you think of yourself as over weight? Had doctors told you to lose weight? I didnt really discuss my weight until one day I saw an image of myself and got focused. I simply looked at myself 1 day and said, ‘Just continue the program and concentrate on trying to be a winner. I said I would take action and I just began getting focused and focusing on my diet plan. I started being strict with my food and centered on eating good: not wanting to eat late, not eating loaf of bread or stuff and starch like this.

What was the cause of your bodyweight gain? I late was eating. I always drank water, but the majority of enough time I worked late — I knock off at 10pm — and I would get home and I’d be hungry and i quickly would eat starch and bread. Once I ate I’d go straight to sleep.

  • All of the evidence suggests that dietary fat is not the problem
  • Stopping Excessive Alcohol and Tobacco Use
  • Eat more whole foods
  • Have you tried different weight loss programs but always go back to your old eating habits
  • Hempseed protein
  • 6 years back from Charlotte, NC
  • Carol, 2018 challenge participant
  • Reducing or eliminating turkey neck

I had been overweight for a long period, but I was fit still. My health has always been perfect. Ive never really had high blood circulation pressure or anything like that. I was overweight just. What lifestyle changes did you make? I work in the warehouse at my job which will keep me active so I mostly cut back on food — I’d have smaller portions. Other than that Ive began to exercise just. I thought if I exercised I might put on weight — I might placed on muscle, which is heavier. So I didnt want to exercise whatsoever.

But I’ve a great deal of fitness in the warehouse: pulling pallets off storage containers, packaging stuff away, lifting heavy boxes and stuff like that. Was it difficult to stick with your daily diet change? In ways yes, but I got into a habit. I would switch it up. I wouldnt eat meat for some time. My favorite snacks were water and almonds and lemon. Who was your biggest motivator? Every week I would ask him what he ate and then change my diet. I went to Northshore Medical & Aesthetics Centre and the nutritionist there helped me, and Royston there goes, too, therefore i kept asking him questions.

What food do you miss most? Pasta. Fettuccine was my favorite, but anything with mozzarella cheese and macaroni — that was me. If I do eat it now I only have a little portion of it. Just how much weight did you lose? What have family and friends said of your loss?