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Today a headline read, “Don’t Be Fooled by the Fed: Stimulus Is a Sign of Dysfunction, Not Opportunity”. Stimulus is the course we have used for a number of years because our overall economy would have to be propped-up. Listen, you don’t have to have a doctorate to understand that if you want support beyond yourself, you aren’t which makes it economically.

This is the sign-of-the-times that lots of 40 year-olds are moving their families back-in using their parents because they can not make it any longer economically. Where will the U.S. Anyone who is the owner of a homely house. Taxing company provided insurance as a benefit is another idea floated. A bevy of other taxes are being considered and all of them fall not only on the backs of the wealthy, but you too.

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Discussion of a capital gains tax seem reasonable, until you discover that the same capital benefits would affect everyone with a 401K and an IRA, including the middle class attempting to save lots of for retirement. And you have the consideration of Inheritance Taxes then. Yes, the rich would pay their fair share, but many loopholes would need to be plugged. The center class can’t afford the tax lawyers to ferret out the loopholes and would pay the inheritance fees, while the wealthy pass their prosperity on to their own families via trusts, limited partnerships, and other taxes avoidance devices. On of the reasons corporations have transferred overseas is to shelter their companies in one of the highest corporate fees in the world.

The U.S. is second, only behind Japan in the corporate tax rate. Why conduct business in the U.S.? The Progressives or New Socialists are excited about all the fees they are going to raise so equitable programs can be applied to pull the indegent from their despair. Sadly, the middle class business men will be saddled with the new burdensome taxes to cover the raised debt cap so the U.S.

Boehner has made the first step toward getting rid of the fiscal cliff by offering to raise taxes on those making over 1 million each year. Though it isn’t the offer the President desired, it opens the best way to taxes the very wealthy. 241,000 people annually make over 1 million. The fiscal cliff has affected my conservative investment position.

Care must be studied at the moment to insure the best result. As mentioned in a previous blog, I suggested putting a stop-sell 1 1/2% to 2% below the shutting price of WMT and RTH. If you didn’t follow these suggestions, you are in the negative right now because both WMT and RTH have fallen. With good news, WMT can easily recover along with RTH.

Even though benefits have been recorded by retailers, questions remain on if the fiscal cliff shall dampen spending by the consumers, sending the overall economy into oblivion. To insure a viable overall economy, the FED has begun QE-3 with the caution that if the politicians neglect to come to a timely contract even the 40 billion a month may fail to keep markets viable. It really is almost certain the politicians will find compromise and the stimulus will spur the overall economy and a rise in the market valuations.

In my blog, I show how fundamental inflation raises costs of doing business, how businesses raise prices to the buyer, and how increased revenue increase valuations. We are viewing a increasing S&P, when we should be viewing the collapse of the S&P. No one questions that if the FED’s stimulus ended, the economy would get into a recession.