BAS Statements FOR THE Closed Business

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Bec worked as a contractor on the GST signed up basis through the 2007-08 financial calendar year. Her company insisted she register for GST, and Bec lodged activity statements and paid GST. She stopped doing work for the company Once, Bec stopped lodging activity claims. She moved house, and forgot all about the GST registration. It wasn’t until years later that she received correspondence from the ATO about a debt on her behalf “integrated client account”.

The integrated customer accounts is the BAS account. The ATO track BAS income and obligations tax money individually. 5,000 in failure to lodge penalties with regards to 5 years’ worth of activity statements. Because Bec cancelled her GST enrollment never, the ATO assumed she still had a dynamic business, and held sending activity claims. There were over 20 overdue claims, and several had caused failing to lodge charges to be released.

Bec contacted Beyond Accountancy for help. We terminated her GST enrollment immediately. But rather than cancelling from the present date, july 2008 we backdated the cancellation to 1 1. This meant that the activity statements from the Sep 2008 quarter onwards were discontinued, and Bec had no obligation to lodge anymore.

Beyond Accountancy negotiated with the ATO on the fines, and described that the sign up must have been cancelled a long time ago. We argued it had not been appropriate to fine a taxpayer for the late lodgment of BAS statements that didn’t even need to be lodged, in the final end. Luckily for Bec, the ATO agreed, and remitted the whole amount of the fines. 2. Don’t ignore ATO documents. For professional help with your tax affairs, please e mail us. We are able to help clients in Australia through our online consultations anywhere, or a scheduled appointment can be made by you at our Melbourne office.

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