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Emergency Server Support

  • Do you need have an urgent server issue that you need resolved immediately?
  • Downed server or website costing you tons of money & visitors?
  • Major security related incident threatening your business?

If you need an expert server administrator NOW, you’re in the right place.

Our emergency server administration plan was designed to provide you with direct access to an expert admin in the event of an emergency – immediate access! All orders are instantly and immediately activated, and your support ticket goes straight to our emergency support queue to be picked up within 15 minutes.There is no need to bounce back and forth with a sales department to work out pricing and administrator availability. No need to wait for your datacenter to call onsite technicians.
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Emergency Server Support Features

If you’re looking for fast server support AND a way to prevent ongoing headaches with your servers, take a look at how SeeksAdmin’s emergency server support service can help you. What we offer is a service that provides rapid assistance in an emergency and ongoing support to help you to successfully administer your server(s). Some of the great things we offer include:

  • An easy 911 button for emergency service.
  • A flat rate service, so you always know what you'll be charged.
  • Transparent pricing - if your server issues require extra work, we'll always discuss this with you and give you a clear pricing guide first.
  • Fast response - once you order and log a problem, an administrator will be responding within 15 minutes.

To help ensure you receive speedy service and the support you need, our Emergency Support also includes:

  • Two hours of priority, dedicated server administration time.
  • Free month of our Base Server Administration plan.

Do not spend another minute being bounced from one person to the next... Get REAL solutions to your urgent server issues and take advantage of a cost effective way to manage you server without technical headaches, long delays for support response or inflated prices.
Order Now! The price is only $199.95 to get started. We’ll be ready to assist you in 15 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will you need to get started?

Your server needs to be remotely accessible. We will be logging into your Linux shell or Windows remote desktop to do our work. We need your server’s IP address and your admin and root login credentials.

Are my server login details safe?

Absolutely! We have very strict procedures and systems in place to ensure the best in security.

When will you get started?

Your support ticket is picked up within 15 minutes. We confirm that all login details are correct, and that we have a full understanding of your problem. Then we get to work!

Do I get dedicated priority service?

Yes, the admin that is working on your ticket is working on your ticket only – from start to finish until your work is complete.

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"Talking to the guys from SeeksAdmin is basically like talking to your friends. They are very friendly, helpful, and easy to talk to."
Emil W.

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