Excluding Weekends And Holidays In Date Differences In PowerApps

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Calendars tend to be the glue that keep our busy lives intact. But imagine if your organization only must consider the business times in your application? Inspired by the multiple community discussions surrounding this topic, Carlos Figueira is back to drop even more PowerApps knowledge on his detailed solution for how you can calculate the number of business days between any two given dates. Have a look at his break down below! An application is allowed by The DateDiff function to calculate the difference between two dates – a simple calendar operation.

However, in many business applications, one needs to remove weekends when getting the difference – the app needs to understand how many business times are between two given times. There are many threads in the forums with the same issue, so I made a decision to write a detailed post with a solution for this problem. The first area of the problem to calculate the difference in business days is to exclude the weekends in the calculation. And the difference of the times not in the complete weeks then.

For that we need to use the Weekday function. Holidays aren’t something that we will get a universal formulation – each country (or region within a country) has its list of holidays. To account for that then, we need to have the information of holidays stored somewhere (e.g., within an Excel document, in a SQL data source table, etc.) so that people can use that in our logic.

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