Identify The Motherboard In A Compaq Presario 7000

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Compaq is a well-liked maker of desktop and laptop computers. The Compaq Presario 7000 is a home desktop pc launched in 2001. If you’ve got owned your Presario for a while, eventually you will need to replace the BIOS to maintain your Pc working easily. So as to do that, it is advisable know what your motherboard model is or else you run the chance of damaging the motherboard. Opening the case and looking out at the motherboard would provide you with the answer, but that can void the guarantee.

For a less complicated technique, use a third-celebration program to get this information. 1. Download a program that can search your computer and get the motherboard information. Some options include Belarc, Sandra, Everest, HWInfo and Fresh Diagnose. For this example we are going to use Everest, which provides a free trial. 2. Click on the “Download” button to start out the obtain, and save the file to your computer. You might want to comply with the tip consumer license settlement and continue with the install. 3. Run the program and choose “Motherboard” from the primary menu display screen. Click “Motherboard” once more, and then look beneath “Motherboard Properties” to see the title and ID of the Presario motherboard.

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