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Our server administrators are innovative and experienced specialists. Where many others fail, we help you succeed. No setup is too advanced or complex for our team.
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PCI Compliance Scan & Resolution

We make it very easy for your server to become PCI Compliant, and can have you passing failed PCI Compliance scans in about 72 hours on average.

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Server Migrations

Migrating servers can be a very tedious task. If not done properly, you could suffer from server errors and even downtime. Let our expert administrators put together a server migration plan for you to ensure a stress free server migration process.

DDoS Mitigation

We have DDoS specialist on staff that can provide both DDoS prevention and DDoS mitigation services. With several in-house solutions and strategic technology partners in place, we can implement Enterprise DDoS Protection Solutions.

Advanced Server Security

We provide both proactive server security and one time security services. Keeping your server secure is a priority that our server administrators take very seriously. Get in touch with us today to have an advanced server security plan put together.

High Availability Clusters

Our server administrators specialize in cluster solutions. When you outgrow your server setup or require a high traffic network setup, we can put together a custom plan for you to ensure optimal performance and plenty of room for growth.

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"Talking to the guys from SeeksAdmin is basically like talking to your friends. They are very friendly, helpful, and easy to talk to."
Emil W.

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