The Cultural Revolution –

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It’s price reflecting a bit on how absolutely tumultuous China’s history has been since the Communist Revolution in 1949. The nice Leap Forward and consequent famine — 1958-60, in excess of 20 million famine deaths. The Cultural Revolution — 1966-1976, in excess of 1.5 million deaths by violence, many occasions that variety of maimed and ruined lives. The Democracy movement and Tiananmen Square and its dramatic suppression — 1989, unknown 1000’s of victims. And for the reason that early 1980s, financial reforms, speedy development, and a substantial degree of social transformation. If you happen to consider these occasions in terms of age cohorts, the historic experience of almost each generation has been a traumatic one.

Chinese women and men born in 1930 were teenagers throughout the Revolution and skilled famine, chaos, civil violence, and financial reform in the remainder of their lives. The children of the 1950 era had been born in 1970. These children largely escaped the violence of the Cultural Revolution. Tiananmen Square was an actuality for them of their teenagers. Their technology has been at the center of the dynamism of entrepreneurial China, with broadened opportunities in schooling and business.

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They have some of the expertise and comfort with the Internet that permits them to bridge to the China if the twenty-first century. And their customary to reside — for urban individuals anyway — is dramatically improved over that of the earlier generation. And of course the generation of 1990 is the youth generation of today.

This is the technology that will set China’s course for the following half century, and it seems to be quite completely different from previous cohorts. In a dialog with four graduate students at Tsinghua University I gained a really vivid sense of the generational change that is occurring right this moment. Three had been born in 1980 and one was born 5 years later.

I asked them about a number of the values and cultural expectations of younger Chinese individuals. These generations certainly created vastly totally different mentalities for themselves — totally different ideas about politics, equality, morality, and social stability. The ideologies of every technology were formed and burned by the super-heated political struggles by which they passed. And absolutely their ideas about what China ought to turn out to be, what standards of fairness must be respected, and how they need to live their lives, are very deeply affected by their generational experiences.

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